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Incognito Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a premium clear film that offers superior protection for your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Unlike traditional PPF, Incognito PPF features an infused construction that maximizes hydrophobicity, meaning water and other liquids bead up and roll off of the film with ease. This not only makes it easier to clean your vehicle, but it also helps to prevent water spots and other unsightly blemishes on your paint. In addition to its hydrophobic properties, Incognito PPF also has a glass-like gloss finish that enhances the appearance of your vehicle while providing long-lasting protection against scratches, rock chips, and other road debris. The film’s self-healing properties ensure that minor scratches and swirl marks disappear over time, leaving your vehicle’s paint looking like new for years to come. With Incognito PPF, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is protected by the best in the business.

Clearest Protection

Stain & Discoloration Resistant

Self Healing

Autobahn is proud to offer the highest quality paint protection film on the market, backed by a no-hassle warranty. Our commitment to quality ensures that your investment is protected, and your vehicle stays looking newer for longer.

• Rocks

• Bug Acids

• Salt

• Oils

• Gravel

• Tree Sap

• Bird Droppings

Magnesium Chloride

Full Service Window Tinting

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